Another speculative ride, this time south west from London to Richmond Park (and round, and back, and very nice too). Because this was a longer ride we decided to be a bit more selective in our “excavations”, only stopping to collect the most interesting or  most attractive nitronites (to the collectors’ eye at least!).

PIC 1jpg

We started collecting once we reached the A3 in Wandsworth and, although we only added a few specimens to our growing collection, we also made an interesting observation. As we left the inner London districts of Wandsworth and Putney and reached the more affluent residential areas nearer to Richmond, the nitronite seam slowed, from the usual A-road torrent, to a residential trickle, before running out altogether about a mile and a half from Richmond Park.

PIC 2jpg

We made a note to mark this point on the “Nitronite Line”, the line around suburban  London where the town starts to meet the more affluent commuter-belt and which marks a behavioural boundary, where users on their way into London begin to discard cannisters at the roadside, and/or where recreational use becomes more common. Very much an "us and them" kind of drug, nitrous.


We will continue to collect data on this interesting aspect of the Nitronite record - and at some point we will produce a really nice-looking and funny map of the Nitronite Line. If you would be interested in buying our "Nitronite Map of London", let us know at shop@nitronites.com and we’ll see if we get enough interest to produce one at a reasonable price! 

We headed into Richmond Park and found the nitronite seam to be completely depleted. We didn’t find any in the park at all (although there MUST be some recreational caches around, maybe if we returned with a metal detector? Plus, to be fair, we pretty much cycled round the inner ringroad at about 20 mph, because that’s what you do on a bike in Richmond Park apparently). But we did attract some interested observers.

DEER 1jpg

DEER 2jpg

We returned home with our nitronites and armed with our new knowledge, our plans for a Nitronite Map of London and 52 kilometres on the clock. Expedition successful.